7 Lessons From Sales King Steli Efti



As many of you don’t know in April 2013 I was a shipwreck. I just got back from Dubai after going through some tough stuff and I was jobless, broke and broken. I felt devastated and had no energy to literally move.

After raising $30k seed investment previous December for an app we were developing, everything crashed and I found myself crashed as well. It is a long story I’d rather not talk about now, but I would spend days laying in my bed, feeling depressed and the only thing I could do is watch YouTube videos. I was disappointed in myself, in the world and in everything for that matter.

One day I bumped into this guy on Spark.me YouTube channel. His name is Steli Efti and he changed the way 2015 rolled out for me. This is the first video that I watched where Steli demonstrated his hustler mentality and needless to say, it was love at first sight (read: sound).  I couldn’t stop, so I started binge-watching! I watched this one and this one and this one!!! By the end of that day, I was the same old me again and I was back to hustler mode.

So I decided to send him an email! That email turned into another one and another one and I had a Skype call booked with Steli. I was beyond excited because it is always a treat to meet a fellow hustler. Without further ado, here are the lessons!

  • Show up! Follow up! Close!
    Here is where winning happens! If you are sitting at home and waiting for a fucking miracle to happen to get you out of your lethargy, you’re doomed. The only person that can lift you up is you! You’ve put yourself down in the first place. Disregard other people and their issues, you get to decide on how you react. Don’t take silence for rejection! Honestly, if I want something I get up and get it. Whether it’s a book, a guy or a plane ticket. Those that know me to say I am unstoppable, I just believe that everything is “figureoutable”. Or as this Serbian saying goes: It is not the prettiest guy that gets the girl, but the most persistent one. Never ever ever ever stop following up! You don’s stop following up even if the object of your attention is beginning you too! There are many ways to keep your cool and still remind people that they have something you need and the other way around.
  • Get over yourself! If you find yourself waiting for the perfect timing, remember one thing: Done is better than perfect! I swear by this! If you find yourself complaining and being lazy, moody or whatever, try telling yourself this, it works for Steli: Who gives a shit? Do it anyway! Be ok with feeling shitty when doing something. You will feel shitty when doing something hard or something you don’t much about, but as Steli said: Who gives a shit? Do it anyway!
  • Consistency is the KING!
    The difference between good and the great is that great NEVER stops! If I were waiting for the perfect time to go to the gym I would never go. I don’t nearly go as much as I would like to, but that certainly doesn’t mean I should go at all. However, if I do go consistently I will become better and therefore more fond of it, so I will end up where I want eventually without even obsessing about it.
  • Don’t fuck around. Stop doing shit that doesn’t fucking matter. Stop doing busy work! You do it because it is safe, there is no conflict, rejection or failure. Just do the things that truly matter! Don’t fuck around. Stop procrastinating now!
  • Momentum over anything! Nothing in the universe changes before something moves! Mr.Ainstein said it politely unlike Steli and I would 🙂 You need to make things move, and once they move…it rolls! I follow this rule when I get depressed or moody, I just force myself to go out, hit the gym or watch an inspiring YouTube video and the shift in me slowly happens!
  • Do what others don’t, you’ll get what others won’t. To be able to have everything you want in life you don’t need to outwork everyone, but you do need to step up your game.