Stay strong



There comes a point in life where things seem to be going wrong no matter what you do. In those times you need to do everything possible to shake off the feeling of hopelessness and get yourself together. There are certain things that can help out in that quest such as cleaning your home, your laptop, closet. Calling your psychotherapist or life coach. Asking your girlfriends out. Or writing a blog post about doing that.

The problem here is often our own highly unrealistic expectations we have about life that things are supposed to go smooth and easy because if not we are not good enough. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s just plain rubbish because life is always 50/50 both for Beyonce and yours truly. You just do not get to see the other side of her coin. The thing will go wrong sometimes no matter what you do. And you cannot do anything to stop that, but you can do everything to stop yourself from bad thinking that won’t benefit you at all.

Another problem is that we are ashamed of accepting our vulnerability. We need to be reminded frequently that we are not here in this life to fulfill anyone’s expectations of ourselves, not even our own. We have a bigger purpose we need to discover and being angry, bitter, and resentful when things go wrong isn’t helping.

Surrounding yourself with successful people can help you a lot in life, but at the same time, it can make you feel bitter when you seem to be losing it. When you are constantly faced with challenges that you have trouble overcoming better surround yourself with people who love you and genuinely care for you because those are the people who will know the right words to say to lift you up.

If you feel stuck at the moment there are three things you can do to cheer yourself up. First of all, move, you cannot be lifting weight or doing yoga and feeling depressed at the same time. Change your state and then work on changing your mood. Secondly, count your blessings while you still can, but really focus on things you have in your life that were once just a dream. Lastly, helping someone in need else removes the focus from your problem and makes you feel needed and depended on, so it is harder for you to give up on yourself when there is someone else who depends on you to cheer them up.

Let me know what works for you when you feel down and remember it’s up to you to make the best from the worst, and tequila from lemons life offers you from time to time.