EP57: Life On Your Own Terms

EP57: Life On Your Own Terms

POSTED ON May 24, 2021

Jovana Miljanovic Podcast

 “You should never do it like someone else. Do it your way!” Jovana Miljanovic

Today’s episode is all about ladies’ empowerment and how to enhance from being a girl in a man’s world into being a successful businesswoman. However, before deciding what kind of business you want, it’s crucial to decide what kind of LIFE you want for yourself.

Who you surround yourself with is the key to make new beliefs of what is possible for a woman. Even where I am from, where women have been through the misfortune you can’t imagine, there are brave examples of ladies fulfilling their purpose as mothers and business owners.

What You Will Discover:

  • Girl in a Man’s world: The repercussions of doing business from male principle
  • How to set a healthy surrounding
  • Ways to turn your hobby into a business
  • How can women fulfill their purpose as mothers and business owners
  • The key questions you have to ask yourself (and put them on the fridge):
    1. Who do you want to be?
    2. What kind of lifestyle do you want?
    3. Where do you want to work from?
    4. What are your dreams and passions?
    5. What are you good at?

Don’t worry! It’s a lot easier when you set it all up. Align your dreams, life, and then – business. With dreams, there are no problems, just opportunities!

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