EP55: How to Decide on your Nitch

EP55: How to Decide on your Nitch

POSTED ON May 10, 2021

Jovana Miljanovic Podcast

In this episode, I share my plan on how I plan to build a global business through this podcast. Step by step. There is no rush. I like where I am and I love where I am going so I promise you this journey won’t be boring.

So what will be my compelling offer on my English website?

Here it is: I help life clearly define their nitch so they can create their irresistible offer. How will I do that? I will offer them an online program with a coaching component that helps them identify their ICA, create an irresistible personal brand for that ICA, and therefore create a product-market fit for their irresistible offer.

What will be the result if they do the work?

Nitch clarity so they can take the necessary action to create compelling organic marketing, conversions through free content, and their compelling offer. They will be clear on why I do not believe in competition but I do believe in collaboration. They will turn their confusion into clarity.

What You Will Discover:

  • Why I do not believe in competition and believe each of us is unstoppable if she builds a strong personal brand
  • How every offer needs a funnel and what you need to know before setting up one
  • Why you need to realize that you are selling results not time, programs, or books to your clients
  • What will my organic marketing strategy be in English (hint: same as Serbian because it works if you work it)
  • Example of an amazing nitch
  • Why you need to work with high-end buyers only

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