EP 65 – 100 Decisions

EP 65 – 100 Decisions

POSTED ON Jul 19, 2021

Jovana Miljanovic Podcast

In this week’s episode, I want to talk to you about making decisions and how to get things done. When you think something could be done better, remember this – done is better than perfect!

So far, my life and business have been a result of making millions of little and big resolutions along the way, and guess what – the majority of them were wrong! Even when you’re making mistakes, you are learning from them. In the long run, that’s how you get momentum and flow. You’ll get the power of having more data, and experience to serve your customers better in the future.

That’s why I came up with the idea of making 100 decisions on the course “Business On Your Own Terms” with my women. Tune in and find out how to grow as a businesswoman, while making it all more fun and enjoyable!

What you will discover:

  • From point A to B: The importance of “small” decisions
  • How to feel empowered along the way
  • Selling as an act of service
  • How to get better at decision making
  • Fight your Fears: How to beat procrastination
  • Make it fun: Collecting decisions as points in a video game
  • Who you become after the 100 decisions

“Making decisions is something that’ll help you grow your entrepreneurial muscle, which atrophied working for others/companies. Start making your own decisions!” J. Miljanovic

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