EP 63 – How to Change a Belief

EP 63 – How to Change a Belief

POSTED ON Jul 05, 2021

Jovana Miljanovic Podcast

How do you start believing that something is possible, and most importantly – how to change a belief?

You know what they say: as long as it takes you to put on 10 pounds, give it double the time to lose it. It’s similar to love breakups, beliefs, and business in particular. You need to give it enough time. So, for how long you’ve thought something is impossible for you? That’s your minimum time, and the stopwatch is on!

 What you will discover:

  • The habit of practicing: Teaching our brain to look for the real evidence
  • Finding a mentor: Borrowing beliefs from someone else
  • The BIG lesson from my father: You’ve got this!
  • The importance of Compelling Reason for your motivation
  • How to start behaving like a person you want to be
  • Why Serbian women are Jovana’s biggest motivation

“I don’t have to do this. I get to do this!” Jovana Miljanovic

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