EP 60 – Business Growth

EP 60 – Business Growth

POSTED ON Jun 14, 2021

Jovana Miljanovic Podcast

 “Grow steady, so you are ready!” Jovana Miljanovic

In today’s episode, we discuss how steady growth can be the best way of becoming ready for a new level in your business and life. Sometimes, if you grow too fast, it won’t be good for you or your business, even if it is good for your bank account. Don’t burn. Take your time, even if you got the demand, and don’t let it cost you (or your client’s) health.

Elsewise, if it feels like you’re stagnating, or not moving fast enough – don’t panic. It’s the perfect time for integrating all the knowledge you gained, and to set yourself for the next level.

Let’s be honest. If I had this success 10 years ago, I wouldn’t know how to manage it. So, allow your business to progress naturally, have your ups and downs and – learn from it!

What you will discover:

  • How to manage mind and money if you grow too fast
  • How to take a failure as an opportunity
  • Setting yourself for the next level of success
  • How to use the “hold” to gain momentum in the long term
  • Invest in your mind: Tips on books and programs to upgrade your knowledge

Ready, steady… grow!

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