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Price: 150€

Need help with marketing and sales?

I will take you from confusion to a clear sales funnel that helps you get to the next level in your business. There is no one sales funnel that fits all and after you schedule your free session over email we will create a la carte strategy that makes you want to stop buffering and get to work immediately.

Price: 150€

How will this work?

You send me an email with the biggest problem you are facing in your business, together with your website, and social links, and explain your current business model in a few sentences. I take 48h to do an analysis of your website, opt-ins and content strategy. We schedule a free call and I tell you what you could be doing better. Whether you have a problem related to content creation, marketing and sales or you need help polishing your sales funnel I will do my best to help you take your business to the next level.

You get to work with me personally

You really work with me here. This is not like other large programs where one solution supposedly fits all. This is a result we create together. After our Zoom call, you will work with me directly on setting your new action plan.

I have worked in-person with over 1500 women age 20 to age 67 who have decided to say goodbye to their credit card debt, overwhelm, burnout and claim their life back so I am confident I can help you achieve the same.

Over 1500 women from
30 different countries

It is a mix of Couchsurfing, Clarify, AirBnb, Duolingo, LinkedIn, and HomeAway all in one. You can find a place to crash, a mentor to advise on your issues, or someone to practice a new language by talking about your business and more. We have women from France, Serbia, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Qatar, Dubai, United States.

What will you get?

We will revamp your current business plan and marketing strategy and you will get a complete sales funnel audit. Without that, you don’t need tools, tips, and tricks, because if you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there. You will get clear on your why and kiss overwhelm goodbye. You will identify your ideal client and how you can serve her best. You will learn how to scale your business without losing yourself along the way and how to free your time from useless activities so you can plan a productive weekly, monthly and yearly growth plan. You will learn where and how to find the right clients, get press for your business, build a newsletter list with webinars and freebies that convert, create your authentic content strategy, thriving community, and create passive income streams from ebooks, courses, coaching and consulting. Basically I will only take you where I have already taken myself and others that worked with me.

It will be challenging and you will be challenged!

You might not always like what I have to say, especially when we talk about how your website is not done well, the newsletter is boring and you need to invest time or money to have higher quality videos or photos. But I can guarantee that my intention is good, my advice brings results and you will only progress once you call things as they are. I am here to bring you the best results as soon as possible, so we need to work as a team and have open direct communication.

It is your call!

Are you ready to stop flirting with the idea of success and actually step into the realization of your full potential? If you have felt frustrated with technical stuff, I will make sure to connect you with the right people so you can start working on your business instead of in your business. You cannot micromanage everyone, but you can build a team of people who support you with their skills and talents. If you are not sure about what the next step should be for your business it is good to know all the options and decide which ones are for you based on your talent, skillset, lifestyle goals, and desire. I know how liberating it feels to monetize your talents and shine your light bright as an example to those around you on how extraordinary our life can be. Doing what you love when you want and with whom you want is what I consider my greatest success. The freedom I feel, gratefulness and sky-high productivity and focus is just a result of me setting my priorities in order, learning when to say no and when to say heck yes. You need to make a decision that you know in your heart is the right one for you, your family and your community.

5 things you will get

  1. Exponential organic growth fueled by quality, real connection, and strategic thinking.

    More visitors to your website, blog, social media, and more email subscribers with a dollar spent on ads
  2. More money.

    I want you to double your revenue starting next month.
  3. More time.

    The more time you spend working on your business instead of in your business the more time you will have to think, relax and get more creative ideas!
  4. More joy.

    We will organize meetups, masterminds, seminars and work as a team to make our dreams a reality! Our tribe of developers, designers, financial advisors, marketing experts, and business strategists are here for you and you are here for them too!
  5. More ease and grace.

    Stop overthinking everything and start asking the right questions to the right people. Once you hear exactly what methods are used and which tools bring the best results, implement sister and success is right around the corner!

Schedule your free call and start your sales funnel audit.

I believe we create our reality and mine is filled with supportive, open-minded, creative and authentic women who are not afraid to be real, raw and vulnerable because they know once you keep your heart open you attract like-minded people that will work with you with ease and grace. You don’t need aggressive selling if you have heartfelt storytelling! In my tribe we are there for each other, we organize meetups, networking events, attend cooking workshops, yoga classes and courses together and we create our own world. Once we let other people be seen we get seen for who we are and that is the only way to create meaningful deep relationships in the shallow world of today. Schedule your free call over email and find out who you can build a business that makes your heart smile.