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Do you feel you are not reaching your ideal clients?

You need to have a marketing and sales strategy that your heart resonates with so you can execute relentlessly with grit and grace. Let me lead you through your sales funnel audit and teach you why you are missing out on getting new subscribers and converting followers to clients. We will talk about why trying to collect likes on social media is a waste of time and what you need to do instead that actually works.

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About Me

My story

I started my first real business at age twenty one with an idea and a blog. Later came my workshops, seminars, masterminds and digital products. Over 1500 women from 8 countries went through my programs and acquired tremendous success.

I am proud that I’ve created a business that feeds me and my family and helps me invest that money in further learning opportunities in the field of psychology, business, and art. My mentors include Broke Castillo, Amanda Frances, Sunny Lenarduzzi, etc.

More than 1500 in-person coaching clients in the past 3 years
More than 80 transformational in-person workshops
4 large scale seminars per year
Over 8000 women on my newsletter


Start a business from ZERO Point!

The experience I have had working with Jovana was literally life-changing for me. Not only did she actually provide me with useful knowledge and advice for my particular case, but she also followed up and kept pushing me in the right direction after her workshop was finished.

She was always available for questions and even reached out on her own to give me some additional tips and suggestions. She gave me everything I needed to break free and now, I am finally ready to do what I do best, for myself, instead of working for others!

Olivera Matović

Become a Brand Ambassador!

I have started my practice in New York City and moved back to open a practice in Europe in 2016. I already offered seminars, nutrition plans, consulting and soon after Jovanas course, I established great connections with brands for affiliate marketing opportunities and sponsorships for my social media, newsletter and offline workshops.

I have become a brand ambassador for the largest healthy organic brands in the region and scaled my business to another vertical. Jovana lives her business vision and therefore is a great person to learn how you can grow business from because she keeps growing her own business without losing herself which is an achievement in today’s world.

Tatjana Totally Wellness

Want to grow in a healthy way?

Don’t know where to start when it comes to healthy business growth?


The good news is that you don’t have to start from zero as I did. It was never easier to create an automated system that brings in passive income to enable you to have more time to work on the strategic decisions for your business. However, it was never harder to stay on your game and grow without the expense of your health and wellbeing and keep your focus in the sea of overwhelming information being thrown at us from all the directions.


Weight loss pills do not work, and neither does get rich quick schemes, so my approach is focused on delivering concise information and recipes from my ten years in the digital business kitchen that bring real mouth-watering results to the table.


I will also provide full support of me and my time for you in real-time along your entrepreneurial journey. I will never take you on a road that I never walked before, which is why my team will be at your disposal for all the questions regarding project management, communication, design and development, photography and videography, leadership, etc.

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