Are you stuck in finding your ideal clients?

If you are talking to everyone you are talking to no one. I help life coaches clearly define their niche so they can create their irresistible offer. I offer an online program with a bi-weekly coaching component that helps you identify your ideal client, create an irresistible offer in order to create a product-market fit. What will be the result if you do the work? You will have absolute niche clarity so you can take the necessary action to create compelling content for your podcast, social media strategy, and your unique offer. We will turn your confusion into clarity.

Jovana Miljanović - Moja priča

My Story

I started my first business in 2011. with an idea and a blog. Later came my workshops, seminars, business masterminds, and digital products. I am proud that I’ve created a business that supports me and my family and helps me invest that money in further learning and growth. I am a part of The Life Coach School coaches (soon to finish my Master Coach training) and 200K MasterMind with Stacey Boehman and Business Incubator with Eleonor Beaton.

Clarify your niche so you can create your irresistible offer.

Weight loss pills do not work, and neither does get rich quick schemes, so my program is focused on delivering concise information that when implemented leads to business transformation.

Every offer needs a funnel so you will realize how exactly to attract your ideal client by harnessing the power of your personal brand and creating your irresistible offer. 

I will teach you how to stop selling your time and start creating results for your clients. Money is not time plus effort. It is the result we provide, so let me help you provide your clients with the best results in the least time possible. 

I help you get your niche clarity
If you are talking to everyone you are talking to no one.